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Highlander’s Claim, The Matheson Warriors #2

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He seeks the one his heart desires…

Ailith, the granddaughter of the King of the Fae, travels through time when needed to aid her half-blooded Earthbound kind. Her ability allows her to see visions of war and destruction before it unfolds, and now death is coming for one of the fae warriors she is called to protect, except to save him, she must first discover exactly who he is, and which time he might come from.

Warrior shifter Hunter Matheson is intrigued by Ailith when she arrives through a portal into his twenty-first century time from the year 1211. A feud rages over eight-hundred years in the past between his fae-blooded shifter clan and their neighboring enemy, and now he’s driven in his desires for her, would give his life to protect hers. His fierce need for her strikes him deep within. He’s certain she’s the woman who holds the other half of his soul and now there’s nothing he won’t do to remain right by her side, no matter what war she seeks to halt, or if he’s the very warrior she must save from certain death.

Can Ailith keep Hunter safe, or will he perish exactly as she’s foreseen?

Hi everyone, I had such a blast writing Highlander’s Claim and getting to know Hunter and Ailith. If you’ve read the first book in this series, then here’s some interesting information. Ailith is actually Cherub’s niece, one of the full-blooded fae from beyond the veil, and in this story more of the faerie realm comes to light. You’ll also get to meet Ailith’s sisters too, both of whom have their own story in the next two books in this series. Cherub and Kirk sure have their work cut out for them watching over these three cheeky lasses. Excitingly, Isla also features in Highlander’s Claim as well, and she’s getting very close to the end of her pregnancy. I can’t wait for her twin sons (holding the seer ability) to be born. Isla and Iain have actually asked me (well, demanded) I write their story about their travels to Stirling Castle far in the past, as well as the coming birth of their babies, so that will be happening since they won’t let me be. 🙂

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